CJ Aviation Consultancy

About This Project

CJ Aviation offers clients over 30 years’ extensive aviation experience as a professional manager, technician and engineering instructor. Chris Jones is confident and enthusiastic facilitator and training consultant, specialising in aviation Human Factors and Error Management.

We delivered an on-line course website with around 80 slides of information, some slides are interactive “drag and drop” questions, multiple choice questions, videos, text and with the integration of an Avatar, we have programmed him to read all the text content to the user. The customer also has the option to change the avatar to a English man, Saudi Arabian man or a English woman or no avatar at all.

The website is designed to help facilitate the importance of “Human Factors” which this website helps provide vital training to the airbases to all employees of BAE Systems in Saudi Arabia. With the use of the interactive content it has become easier to convey the course material in an on-line environment. This website could fall into an “e-learning” type website.

We have also made sure the website records all the data for each customer doing the on-line course, which reports on time taken, IP, number of errors and more. At the end of the course, the customer can print a certificate.

Interactive Website, Logo