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Anthony handles the designing and building of the websites. He also takes care of running the maintenance on the all websites to make sure they are updated, secure and at optimum performance.

Every now and then he likes to get away from his desk and meet clients, whether they are new or existing. He believes having a personal touch can help build a connection with clients and works hard to understand the clients needs, their business and how to develop the website to cater for those requirements.

Anthony is a family man, currently single, loves to travel, play the guitar, eat healthy and workout. You can sometimes find him near the ponds or on the banks fishing.

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Mark handles the Google side of the business. He also takes care of website statistics and related marketing products.

Likewise he gets away from his desk and meets clients, as it is always easier to sit in front of a PC, have a cuppa, and explore the current Google standing with a client. AdWords and SEO can be confusing with many pitfalls and easy mistakes. Face to face also helps us to gain a knowledge of your business which is important for us to able to implement your online marketing strategy.

Mark is also a family man, married for 16 years with 2 daughters, loves playing sports and music. You can find him at 5-a-side on a Friday night.

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