Anthony Rome

Loves playing the guitar, travelling and keeping fit

I’m Anthony Rome, a web designer,  passionate about the web, happily building, breaking then rebuilding most things PHP and MySQL.

I have been working in Web Design for around 12 years and have worked for a few web design companies which is where I learnt most of what I know.

My passion all began when I was studying Computer Science towards my BTEC National Diploma at TCAT College. Amongst different IT elements, Web Design was the topic I really looked forward to. I can remember using notepad and the very first version of Photoshop to create a web page for the college intranet. These tools are considered primitive in comparison to technology today.

After college I was working in retail and then eventually moved into a full time IT position at EPSON. I was here for two years, first year was educational but the second year was mostly spent falling asleep at my desk. Who could blame me, I had to repeatedly advise customers how to  change ink cartridges or how to do a manufacturers reset on the machine or find the serial number. My thirst for getting into Web Design grew!

I left EPSON  and found a job for a small Web Design company called Source Design. A friend from EPSON was the manager and put me forward for the job. This was my first opportunity to really get stuck into HTML, PHP and MySQL.

Since then I have moved forward to other Web Design companies and expanded my knowledge of Internet Programming Technologies.

I continue to learn new technologies and offer them to my own customers where I have formed Silver Marbles Ltd. I have been as a self employed web designer for 12 years. Silver Marbles is a limited company since September 2010.

If you would like to read more about me or I have worked with me in the past, connect with me on Linked In.


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